Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who Wants to Come to Camp for Big Kids?

Happy Campers

Most summers I host kids' camps-- this summer for example I've got Writing Camp, Fashion Camp and Arts & Crafts Camp. Whenever I post info about the camps, I get notes from adults saying, "I wish I could come to your camp." Now I realize this sentiment might be along the lines of me saying I wish I could move to whatever exotic locale I happening to be visiting or that I wish I could get away with wearing a tutu the way a lot of three-year-olds do-- you know, just a silly daydream.

But then I wonder. Maybe if I threw a camp for full-sized humans, people would actually sign up. So I decided to throw yet another idea to the virtual wall to see if it sticks. Consider this post a survey. How many of you would actually sign up for an adult summer camp if I hosted one? Here's how I think it would work:

We could meet four consecutive Thursday evenings in July for three hours per meeting. I can bring all my arts and crafts supplies, the costumes (including the banana suit) that I use in Writing Camp, and everything you need to make your own 'zine. We could knit, weave potholders, string beads, work on writing, and kvetch our way through stuff that's bugging us. Of course there would be snacks and perhaps, on the last night, a nice indoor picnic.

While the main goal of camp would be just to have fun and indulge yourself in silliness, for those of you still clinging to the idea that any class you sign up for must yield a certain type of result... well here's what I have to say to you:

Think of camp as a way to work through any shit you're going through, bond with others, get a little bit out of your comfort zone (but in a safe environment), and figure out what you want to do with your life. Not exactly therapy but helpful camaraderie. Plus some skills that will allow you to open your own Etsy shop selling potholders.

So, if I threw a camp like this-- and if I offered a deep discount for my first group of camp guinea pigs-- would you sign up? And if you did sign up, would you want camp to be co-ed or just the Big Girls?

Hurry up and let me know-- I really want to try this idea. I figure I need 7 or 8 participants for camp to "make." Email me at if you want to sign up.


  1. I might like a writing camp, but I'm not into arts and crafts. Love your writing :)

  2. I would want to do it! I would like Big Girls only, but am ok with boys playing as well, if it means the class would make.
    Keep me posted!