Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update: Fall Writing Workshop Details

Hey Y'all,
I'd been hoping to host two concurrent Fall Writing Workshops -- six weeks of Tuesdays and six weeks of Thursdays. However, due to a much greater interest in Thursdays than Tuesdays, I have made the exec decision to only host on Thursdays. So, here's the new information.

Fall Writing Workshop with Spike Gillespie
Focus: Memoir Writing, Creative Non-Fiction, Blogs that Don't Suck

My next six-week session will run for consecutive Thursdays from August 18th through September 22nd inclusive. We meet from 7 pm til 9 pm at the Sol Center, 3400 Kerbey Lane. (NOT the restaurant.)
The cost is $300 and yes, I you can pay in installments. We'll go over the basics-- setting writing goals, writing to prompts, working on existing memoirs and blogs that you've already got going, discussing the business side of writing (with an emphasis on how the internet has affected publishing). I'll give prompts and optional homework assignment. No one will be forced to share but for those of you interested in sharing and getting group feedback, yes, we'll be doing that. Over the course of the six weeks you'll also get one-on-one writing coaching via email. Once you've completed this course, you can then sign-up at a discount for ongoing sessions.

If you have any questions or are ready to sign up, please drop me a note at: spike@spikeg.com



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