Friday, April 10, 2015

Upcoming Workshops and a Weekend Retreat

Hey Y'all!
I've got a couple of upcoming Memoir Writing Workshops and one Weekend Retreat. Typically workshops run in six-week cycles, but my annual crazy travel adventures are about to begin and so I am offering two mini-series and also a mix-and-match option. That means you can pick one series or the other or, if you'd like to fit in extra sessions, you can buy additional nights for a per-night price.

The Memoir Writing Workshops & Retreats are aimed at those of you ready to write down your story for whatever reason. Some folks attend to work on healing past and current trauma. Some are working on memoirs in progress. Some go on to publish books and stage productions in theaters. Some are content with working on private journals. We focus on positive feedback and making a safe space where you will be truly heard. It is such an awesome experience-- the group dynamic is amazing.

The difference between the Workshops and the Retreats: we do very little (if any) in-class writing in workshop. We meet for two hours per session, talk about writing related topics, share our work, and then have feedback. For retreats, we meet for two long days over the course of a weekend, spend many hours writing, share lunch, then share our work.

Several times each year I host a public reading for any interested attendees who would like to partake in sharing their work onstage. Not mandatory, just an optional perk.

Info for the Workshops & Retreat is below. To sign up please email me at
SPACE IS LIMITED. So, like, you know-- don't delay. Really hope to see you.

The Dates & Cost:

APRIL/MAY 7-9 pm
April 28, May 5, May 12 -- Cost is $75 for the series.

APRIL/MAY 7-9 pm
April 23 & 30, May 7 & 14 -- Cost is $100 for the series

If you sign up for a series, you can buy additional nights individually. So, let's say you sign up for Tuesdays-- you can add in some Thursdays for $25 each.

June 13th -- 9 am - 4 pm & June 14th -- 10 am - 4 pm  Cost: $150

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