Thursday, May 26, 2011

Announcing: Fall Workshop 2011 & Ongoing Classes

Hey Y'all,
As I'm moving toward the one-year anniversary of offering regular workshops, I've taking various polls and surveys and have come up for a plan as I move into Year Two. Since so many of you are repeat offenders, here's what I'm going to do. Beginning Thursday, August 18th, I'm going to offer ongoing classes for returnees at a discounted price. To qualify you need to have attended one of my six-week workshops. Classes will be $25 per session and I'll ask for a month-to-month commitment. We'll limit it to fifteen members per month, so please sign up soon if you want to guarantee a spot.

Meanwhile, for those of you who've been meaning to take a workshop, maybe now is the time. My next six-week class will run for consecutive Tuesdays from August 16th through September 20th inclusive. The cost is $300 and yes, I you can pay in installments. For this session we'll go over the basics-- setting writing goals, writing to prompts, working on existing memoirs and blogs that you've already got going, discussing the business side of writing (with an emphasis on how the internet has affected publishing). Over the course of the six weeks you'll also get one-on-one writing coaching via email. Once you've completed this course, you can then sign-up for the ongoing sessions in which we really get down and dirty with moving forward on goals with the help of feedback from all in attendance.

If you have any questions or are ready to sign up, please drop me a note at:



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